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Resilient and Successful Actuaries of the Future (or ‘How to Lift your Head above the Parapet’)

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The fundamental challenge of how the actuarial profession and individual actuaries remain relevant and add value is ever present. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been disruptive and have accelerated lasting changes that are profound and pervasive. In our paper at the previous ICA, “The frog in the water” we introduced an Actuarial Value Proposition (AVP) and identified key sets of transferrable skills, both technical and professional, that support actuaries to fulfill their AVP.

We will build on this foundation to explore what needs to change to ensure actuaries are prepared. This will recognise the flexibility and diversity of thought that actuaries need as they explore other areas of interest, manage new and evolving opportunities, and meet their professional goals. The key to success is having the flexibility and resilience to take advantage of opportunities as they arise by adopting a holistic and multi-faceted approach to managing careers.

To achieve this, we will deliver an interactive presentation that explores key topics and will describe how to develop of the DNA of a resilient Actuary. In the supporting paper we will provide context and give some practical approaches that can be applied by actuaries to develop their resilience.

These topics include:

  • How you see yourself? Do you hide behind your actuarial “shield”?
  • What are the skills we need? Do we need to become softer?
  • How do others see you? Is it just a sea of grey with a backdrop of dull?
  • How focused are you on your career? Is it all about the money?
  • What is CPD really about? Do you actually plan it?
  • How do you develop your actuarial DNA and resilience?
  • What role should our professional institutions play in our careers?
  • How does diversity of thought matter?

Finally, we reflect that life is very different for actuaries in different parts of the world, that we each have different actuarial environments and priorities in our careers, and that these often change over time.

Find the Q&A here: Q&A on 'The Actuarial Profession - Now and in the Future'

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