Media CGA - Credential, Purpose and Educational Aspects

CGA - Credential, Purpose and Educational Aspects

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CERA Global Association came into existence in 2009, through the action of 14 actuarial associations

  • Rationale for creating a Global Credential
  • Rapid spread of ERM skills for actuaries
  • Standardisation of ‘ERM toolkit’
  • Standardisation of education
  • International mobility
  • International recognition
  • Globalisation of the risk professi

Education is often the beginning of important developments. Because of developments in the financial industry, it is essential that actuaries continue to adapt constantly in order to ‘compete’ with other specialists who can contribute in this domain. Thus the CERA credential was introduced, intended as additional training for qualified actuaries to expand upon their knowledgeAn important condition of obtaining the CERA designation is that the holder is a member with Fully Qualified Actuary (FQA) status of a member association of the IAA

The CERA credential encompasses a world-class curriculum that combines actuarial science with the theoretical, practical and professional principles of ERM

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