Media IFRS 17 Financial Statements – How to read the New Key Elements

IFRS 17 Financial Statements – How to read the New Key Elements

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The financial statements in 2023 that will comply with IFRS 17 will unleash an unprecedented amount of new financial information. Some investors have already indicated that IFRS 17 will take financial analysis on insurance companies to the next level, particularly for life insurance companies. 

Comparability and transparency are the two strategic benefits that insurance companies and regulators have expected to see emerging when IFRS 17 goes live. Unlocking this potential and making the insurance companies shares tradable on par with the rest of the economy has been the goal from the beginning of the 25-year long IFRS insurance accounting project. 

Francesco Nagari, one of Deloitte’s global IFRS 17 leaders, will talk about how he believes users should read the new key elements and learn how to bring out the essential information that, through the new lenses of IFRS 17, will enable insurance companies to better understand performance and financial positions. 

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