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In the early 1990s, the internet seemed like an odd place. A place for young hackers or computer geeks, but with little significance to the mainstream world. Afterall, who would dare input credit card details or trust someone on the web? Most people would have scoffed at the idea that this new technology would be powerful enough to change the way future generations communicate, date, buy groceries and even watch TV. Let alone have the power to change governments, affect elections and even the narrative of wars.

We again find ourselves at an inflection point: the rise of a new internet. Welcome to the metaverse. Like the internet 30 years ago, it’s hard to understand this abstract notion and it’s easy to dismiss it as a gamer’s fantasy. However, the changes we will see are much deeper than a Virtual Reality headset, but extend into immersive environments, digital payments, virtual healthcare, decentralisation and a shift in the ownership of data to individuals. The very way we work and engage each other will fundamentally change.

Join me as I discuss the technologies being developed and the challenges and opportunities these present for life insurers across the insurance value chain, from marketing and distribution through to pricing, underwriting, claims and consumer engagement. I’ll share my thoughts on what Metasurance could look like, and how to prepare for the real digital revolution within our industry.

Find the Q&A here: Q&A on 'The Digital World and Life Insurance'




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A really fascinating and enlightening talk