Media The Integration of the ESG Factors in the Insurance Industry

The Integration of the ESG Factors in the Insurance Industry

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The insurance sector plays a key role towards a sustainable transformation of the economy, covering two main functions: as investors, insurers may redirect public and private investments through their investment strategies, and as providers of protection and risk managers, they may positively impact the transition through their underwriting policies and product design.

Insurance entities must be fully aware of this pivotal role they play for the success of the transition. They are pressured by both the public opinion and their customers, and by a complex and intertwined evolving regulatory framework, to integrate sustainability into their strategy and operations.

Integrating the sustainability (ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance) factors into the insurance business generates major strategic, business, organizational impacts. A clear view on what risks and opportunities for insurers are, together with a focus on the Key Functions’ role evolution might help in better understanding these implications.


  • The role of the insurance sector in the transition
  • The current and upcoming European regulatory framework and the international initiatives
  • Overview of key implications and areas of concern
  • Sustainable investments and green IBIPs
  • Sustainable underwriting
  • Overview and evolution of sustainability reporting
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